Orange juice,
freshly squeezed,
especially for you.

We have started our business while trying to find solutions for a personal need. We wanted to find for us and our families a natural refreshing fruit juice, healthy and full of vitamins.

For several of years we have tried different products, from carbonated drinks to "100% juice" products with added sugar and chemicals, processed in different ways, drinks that only made us thirstier and not at all healthier.

We came to a point when we purchased different juicers and kitchen robots, we bought oranges, grapes and apples and started producing our own homemade drinks.

We believe now that nothing compares to the flavor and the richness of freshly squeezed fruits that we can drink in our home.

There was still a big problem. If we wanted to have fresh juice on a daily basis, for the whole family, or to serve the juice for our friends in different occasions, like home parties, we needed to buy lots and lots of fruits.

The time and effort we spent buying the fruits, washing and squeezing them and the ever tiresome washing of the juicers took too much from the time we wanted to spend with our loved ones.

We came to the conclusion that many can be in our shoes, trying to offer their families a healthy, fresh drink, but don't have the time or the energy to make it by themselves.

Savora brand
And so, we started this business and created Savora brand, which offers you a product, Orange juice, freshly squeezed and a service, Free home delivery.

With Savora you have the benefit of a fresh, natural and healthy drink without spending your time and energy.

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