Orange juice,
freshly squeezed,
especially for you.

A refreshing and healthy drink
Our clients want to consume regularly healthy and full of nutrients food and are looking for best quality products and services.

Heath and energy every day
Our clients need to offer to their families a premium product every day, and don't want to spend too much time and energy by producing it themselves.

Delivered every day to your home
Our clients want to have the juice delivered at home or at any location they choose, as we deliver free of charge at any address from Bucharest and surrounding areas.

For parties and private events
Our clients wish to enjoy, together with their families and friends, a high quality product during special moments like birthday parties, weddings, baptisms or private parties.

Children's party
Our clients wish to serve at their children's parties a fresh and full of vitamins drink, that can offer all the ingredients needed for a healthy and harmonious life.

Freshly squeezed orange juice
We invite you to enjoy Savora orange fresh juice on every occasion, squeezed especially for you.

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