Orange juice,
freshly squeezed,
especially for you.

  1. Question: Is the Savora fresh orange juice safe for me and my children to drink?
    Answer: Savora fresh orange juice is squeezed and bottled under strictly monitored sanitary conditions. The press as well as the bottles and caps are certified for alimentary use.

  2. Question: Is it normal that the bottle is stained with orange color even after washing it?
    Answer: Yes, it's perfectly normal. Oranges have a very strong natural pigment witch can hardly be removed.

  3. Question: Is it ok if I drank the juice after the 24 hours validity term?
    Answer: During our tests we have found that freshly squeezed orange juice lasts up to 72 hours if kept refrigerated at maximum 6 degrees Celsius (normal temperature in every refrigerator) without any alteration or loss of taste. However, we recommend our clients to drink the juice within 24 hours from the date and hour written on the label.

  4. Question: What are the small brownish or black bits that seem to flow in the juice?
    Answer: Oranges have seeds, and part of them are not fully developed at the time of squeezing, therefore being small and being able to pass the filters installed on our press. Our filters are calibrated in order to let the pulp of the fruit pass. In this circumstances, small pieces of seeds or peel may be present in the juice.

  5. Question: Is it normal that all the pulp is gathered at the bottom of the bottle after a few hours of standing still?
    Answer: Yes, it is just the result of the natural pulp sedimentation process, witch is heavier than the liquid part of the juice. This is why we recommend shaking the bottle before drinking.
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